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SAGE Tuition Rewards Program

SAGE Tuition Rewards

Cut Cost 4 College is partnered with the SAGE Tuition Rewards Program. SAGE was developed by educational visionaries, including the former Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at the Wharton Graduate school of the University of Pennsylvania.

SAGE Tuition Reward Points represent guaranteed minimum scholarships - discounts on undergraduate tuition starting with freshman year. These are provided by member private colleges and universities. Public (state) colleges and universities give very limited amounts of financial aid that is not based on "need" and are thus are not eligible to participate in Tuition Rewards.

Clients of a participating financial professional have the ability to earn Tuition Reward Points. Each point is worth $1.00 in scholarship discounts from a member college.

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Tuition Rewards points are provided solely by SAGE Scholars and not by any investment or insurance company or representative. SAGE Scholars is independent of Cut Cost 4 College and Equity Services, Inc.

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